We are two certified #curdnerds that share a great love for raw milk cheeses, funky wines, and staring at other people’s dogs. “Is This a Brie?” was born on a bus to Montreal, out of a frustration with the misinformation most have about their food (and people thinking that literally, any cheese is a brie), and has now become fully formed as a podcast.  While educating people on a daily basis about cheese and wine in a classroom setting, we have interacted with all of the common myths and misconceptions that are out there. Our generation has developed a reputation for having a blind obsession with food, only to get the perfect ‘gram’. “Is This a Brie?” is a resource for food lovers of all generations that want to learn some basics, have fun, and take a deeper dive to understand how to maximize their experience with the world of food and drink…but mostly cheese.


Anne-Marie Pietersma is a Brooklyn-based actress, writer, comedian, and educator that comes from a family of dairy farmers in Southern California. Having a background in agriculture and being fully immersed in the New York City foodie scene has lead to a passion for helping people connect with their food. Her traveling one-woman show Mild to Wild incorporates stand-up comedy, improv, musical theatre, and original songs all while giving the audience a cheese pairing class directly related to the relationship dynamics featured in the show. Each performance and line-up is different based on the environment, and is city and/or state-specific- using only local beer, wine, and cheese of the area. Follow her acting and food adventures on Instagram @woah_annemarie_just


Christine Clark is a professional cheese and beverage nerd. She is a Certified Cheese Professional by the American Cheese Society. Her work has appeared in Fine Cooking, Travel + Leisure, and AFAR, and she has been featured in Bon Appetit, Complex, and the Huffington Post. She also once wrote a screenplay that ended up on Amazon Prime as a feature film. In her spare time, she plays with her chocolate lab and thinks about what she’ll be eating next. Follow her latest eating adventures on Instagram @yourcheesefriend.